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​Academy Policies  


GlamMed Canada Inc. reserves the right to cancel a course/program or refuse any enrollment as permissible by law.  We reserve the right to make adjustment to the fee schedule, the class schedules, and adjust the content of the course to adopt new information, discoveries; etc. We will make our best efforts to maintain the fee schedule indicated for a course/program, once you have received a “Letter of Acceptance” and once Registration and Course fees for said program has been paid in full to GlamMed Canada Inc. 


GlamMed Canada Inc. chooses to limit the size of its classes in order to provide a more student focused learning environment, therefore, the registration fee will hold your space in the selected course of your choice. In the event that you wish to change from one course to another, we may at our discretion, migrate your course fee towards that new course. 


GlamMed Canada Inc. will not accept cancellations and registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. This is due to the fact that we hold your space in the course for you once the Registration fee is received. 


GlamMed Canada Inc. does not make warranty and/or guarantee or warranty and is not liable for the success or failure our student undertakes following the completion of the course. It is your full responsibility, as a student and professional, to market your procedures and services.  


In the cases of applicants choosing to modify or to withdraw their enrollment into a course, and assuming the demand has been made in writing to GlamMed Canada Inc., the following shall be used as guidelines to accommodate such requests: 


  • If an applicant would like to modify or to withdraw from a program, less than 4 weeks prior to, and including the day of program start date:

    • Registration fees and course fees are considered used, and are not refundable or transferable! 


  • If an applicant, student, does not show, notify, and/or, has not withdrawn formally: 

    • Registration fees and course fees are considered used, and are not refundable or transferable! 


  • If a student is expelled or is asked to leave a program; for lack of attendance, non-attendance, or for behavior that is judged to be disruptive, dangerous or in any way, prevents the good functioning of the class or school: 

    • Registration fees and course fees are considered used, and are not refundable or transferable! 


*Registration fees and course fees are non-refundable/transferable at any time. 


In case of extenuating circumstances, i.e. long-term medical, bereavement, etc… , course fees can be transferable, or applied to future course registration. 

    * Proof with documentation is required. 

    * Case is subject for review 


** Under no circumstances, will monies be transferable to other educational institutions. 


We have great confidence on the students capability to pass the requirements. A student will need to retake the exam portion(s) where a passing mark was not achieved to obtain the course certificate of qualification. The exam re-take fee is $75 plus taxes.

Glam Elite 



Subscription is monthly. 


Payment Methods 

All Major Credit Cards and Paypal. Recurring charges will be done monthly from the start of subscription until cancelled. 


CAMACS Annual Membership (Canadian Association) 

Must be at least a Glam Elite member for 6 months in a calendar period. 


Exclusive member benefits & discounts

  • Discounts on orders. 

  • Live Coaching Calls 

  • Free Seminars 

  • Connect with other professionals in Beauty Industry 

  • Unlimited Technical Support/Consultation

    • Contact us if you need to consult about a treatment, products to use, etc. 

  • Access to Resources, Forms & Legal Docs

    • Articles, cheat-sheets, consent forms. etc.​

  • And many more!.. 

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