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"The instructor was great, she explained the content well during class and directed us to read in the evenings to solidify our learnings. We covered the theory, and was able to apply the concepts using the IPL & laser. I would recommend this program to others."

- Karen, on the IPL & Laser Technician course; July 2018

"The instructor was very friendly and helpful, and very knowledgeable in laser technology. The course was interesting and I'm looking forward to my future career as a laser technician!"

- Sruthi, on the IPL & Laser Technician course; June 2018

"Love Maria!"

- Melissa, on the Microblading Technician course; July 2018

We consider ourselves lucky to have the students we do - individuals that are eager to learn with motivated minds - and we're pleased to have such an incredibly high success rate of student graduation.

Check out our (very real!) student reviews below and come find out what all the hype is about!


"It's a very good program - there are so many things you can learn and now I understand even more about skincare, on top of laser hair removal - which is important in my current career! I feel more confident in my skills The instructor is amazing, she helped us to understand the content and answered questions all day long. We were very lucky to have her as our instructor. Loved it!"

- Jodie, on the IPL & Laser Technician course; July 2018

"Maria Silva, you are just wonderful. You put everything into ways that makes it easier to understand. I had a wonderful time. Thank you so much!

- Danielle, on the IPL & Laser Technician course; June 2018

"The course and subjects covered are fantastic. I really learned a lot and these are really what I am looking for.

Thank you so much to our dear instructor, Maria, For all the knowledge, information and everything that you teach and shared to us. She is very approachable and accommodating, she is simple the BEST!!!"

- Josephine, on Medical Aesthetics/Dermatology Technician course; March 2019

"I loved this course, it was very interesting. Maria explained everything very well and broke things down in a way that made sense and was easy to catch on to. I think the subjects coveres were all the info we needed to proceed on our laser journey <3 Thanks"

- Kaylee, on the IPL & Laser Technician course; January 2019

"The course was well informing. The instructor, Maria, is great at explaining and making sure her students understand the material. Very enjoyable course."

- Amanda, on the Microneedling Technician course; February 2019

"The course is well-written. Maria is a very good instructor and she explains things in a very efficient manner."

- Arlene Ilag, on Medical Aesthetics/Dermatology Technician course; July 2019

"Great instructor, very knowledgeable and kind. 

Very interesting course. "

- Jowita, on the Microneedling Technician course; June 2019

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