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Seminar Costs

So it's free?

As the regional head office for the Canadian Association of Medical Spas & Aesthetic Surgeons for the Manitoba and Saskatchewan areas, we are excited to offer extended training on topics such as skincare, aesthetics treatments, and more across Canada. We love that we get to be the place that beauty professionals can come learn beyond the standard training typically offered in aesthetic courses, and we are excited that we can provide opportunities for networking within the industry, without crazy seminar costs. We know how important it is to stay informed and updated in your field, and we want to help cosmetic professionals do just that.

Unfortunately, we currently only offer these educational seminars to licensed beauty professionals and salon/spa owners in the esthetics industry. You may be asked to present your esthetician license upon registration. While we do offer our seminar training sessions free of tuition, a $25.00 registration fee is required to guarantee your spot and prevent no-shows. Individuals who register and do not attend the seminar impede other interested professional from registering and learning, as class size is limited.

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