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A special cream with Glutathione and other ingredient selection that will support to a lightening skin, combining strong antioxidant properties, inhibiting melanin synthesis and contributing for a brightening effect. It favours cellular renewal, balancing the brightness and smoothness of the skin, improving its texture. Its component, glycolic acid, favours the elimination of dead cells and activates cellular metabolism, allowing an immediate skin renewal. It is indicated for excess of sebum secretion, solar erythema (hyperkeratosis actinic) and is specially designed for skin with seborrheic tendency or hyperkeratosis.

Purifying Cream

  • Apply after cleansing the skin. Apply on face and neck in the evening. It could be combined with the facial renew cream, applying it in the morning. After application there might be a sensation of tingling. This is considered normal due to the glycolic acid action.

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