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Tranexamicum is a tyrosinase inhibitor, acting as a reducer of the production of melanin to prevent the appearance of dark spots on the skin. It works as a skin conditioner and balancer. It helps diminish blemishes.

Prof. Tranexamicum 1500 U.I.

  • Suggestion 1: Brightening/melasma

    tranexamicum 1500 U.I. - Amount applied: 1 vial
    serum solution – Amount applied: 10cc

    Application protocol: Nappage or intradermic injection technique Also great way to apply with dermapen Application deep: 1mm to 2mm deep in the area with pigmentation or melasma; Amount per puncture: 0,01cc – 0,1cc

    Dilute prof. tranexamicum with 10cc of Serum Solution. Use 5ml per session.

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