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The melanopeel professional contains the three essential products for this topical depigmentation treatment: the cleansing solution to remove all the impurities and dirtiness of the skin, the degreasing solution with active components of pre-peeling to perform a brightening and exfoliating action on the surface of the skin, preparing it to received all the benefits of melanopeel mask, that provides a triple action: depigmentation, exfoliating and antioxidant/revitalizing actions

Melanopeel Pack

  • 1. Cleanse the skin;
    2. Apply the degreasing solution with a gauze to remove all impurities from the skin;
    3. Apply the pre-treatment with a gauze to reduce the skin pH;
    4. Apply the melanopeel mask with a brush. Leave the mask accordingly to the skin photo-type: Photo type I & II – 4 hours; Photo type III & IV – 5-8hours; Photo type V & VI – 9-12 hours
    5. Remove the melanopeel mask with cold water;
    6. Apply a moisturizing cream on the face and neck; 7. Apply sun block 50+ on the face and neck.

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