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A revitalizing cocktail promoting skin regeneration, hydration, stimulating collagen and elastin, supporting connective tissue, and contributing for healing process. This is formulated as a strong revitalizing and moisturizing cocktail, suitable for tired and damage skin. The active ingredients that compose this powerful cocktail gives the skin elasticity and helps in treatments like flaccidity, wrinkles and expression lines.

Fusion Repair

  • Suggestion 1: Scars/acne scars
    fusion repair – Amount applied: 3cc
    prof. collagen pyruvate – Amount applied: 2cc

    Suggestion 2: Fine lines
    fusion repair – Amount applied: 3cc
    prof. organic silicon – Amount applied: 2cc

    Application protocol: point by point, papule, nappage or microneedling application deep: 1mm to 4mm; injection amount: 0,01cc - 0,1cc per injection

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