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Liquid solution with specific combination of ingredientes that will promote hydration, firmness, giving a rejuvenation and glowing effect. The fusion antiaging cocktails combine active ingredients that stimulate collagen synthesis, reduce wrinkles, moisturize, reaffirm the skin and regenerate tissues. With antioxidant properties, they inhibit and reduce facial contractions, preventing the appearance of new expression lines and wrinkles.

Fusion Anti-Aging

  • Suggestion 1: Antiaging/Wrinkles
    fusion antiaging – Amount applied: 3cc
    prof. argireline – Amount applied: 2cc

    Suggestion 2: Rejuvenation
    fusion antiaging – Amount applied: 3cc
    prof. glutathione – Amount applied: 2cc

    Application protocol: point by point, nappage or microneedling application deep: 2mm to 4mm amount per puncture: 0,01cc - 0,1cc

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