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Skincare Product Treatments


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Indicated for mixed-oily skins, alterations of the regulation of
sebum secretion and skins that require purifying, regenerating,
moisturizing and protection from the environment.


Blackheads and pimples on face, arms, back, legs, etc.

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Indicated for all skin types, especially:
• Dry, dehydrated, rough and scaly skin.
• Skins with lack of elasticity and flexibility.
• Dull skin, lack of splendor and comfort.
• Acneic skins, post-acne marks, scars or keloids and miliums.



All skin types requiring to treat the lack of hydration:
• Skins with rough appearance.
• Premature ageing and premature wrinkles.
• Skins with psoriasis or eczema.
• Dry skin in need of moisture in surface and in depth.
• Mixed-oily skins with an unbalanced hydrolipidic mantle.



Vitamin treatment enhanced with stem cells. Repairs and redensities the structure of the dermis

With an innovative formulation based on Pro-vitamin C (magnesium ascorbyl phosphate), it has a high tolerability in sensitive skin. It also has a suitable composition and concentration for its proper effectiveness, absorption and skin assimilation.

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Prevents irritation and soothes and calms sensitive skin.

Line of products formulated with ingredients that preserve the natural balance of the skin, to prevent and relieve hypersensitivity reactions. The SENSITIVE CARE BALANCE synergy has a decongesting and calming effect thanks to the active ingredients that compose it, GUAIAZULENE + BISABOLOL + LACTIC ACID, which are involved in limiting the release of pro-inflammatory mediators, thereby neutralizing free radicals and protecting the skin from oxidation while increasing hydration of the epidermis and soothing sensitive and reactive skin.

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Moisturizes, soothes and balances

Range of products that have nourishing and regenerating properties, boosts the skin tissue's ability to retain water so the cells are properly hydrated and the skin looks smooth and supple. The synergy of the oligo elements, amino acids and phyto-active ingredients used in them helps to restore hydration, to decongest and repair the skin and to increase the formation of tightening fibers that have a plumping effect thereby slowing down cell aging and treating the signs of premature aging in all types of skin.




Protective shield against free radicals, pollution and stress; Restorative and reconstructive of skin tissue; Firming treatment with marine-based active ingredients; Nourishing and regenerating action with cell-oxygenating and revitalizing effects.



Detoxify your skin and protect it daily of pollution

Deep cleansing and proper protection against pollution are essential. It is the first step to keep the skin in an optimal state and prevent premature aging. The URBAN DETOX synergy acts as a protective shield against the harmful effects of pollution.

It doesn’t only protect it but also detoxifies and absorbs impurities embedded in the skin, to be able to eliminate them in the most effective way.

It stands out because it is a line formulated with natural ingredients and active components that protect the skin not only from outside but also from the interior.



The ideal solution to prevent premature aging

The EFFECTIVITY CAVIAR & PEARL line, which is based on a formula made of caviar extracts, pearl powder and effective active ingredients, is the ideal solution for preventing premature aging thanks to the synergy of the TIME PROTECTIVE COMPLEX, acting on different levels and providing a complete response to chronological aging. It nourishes in depth, halts cellular aging and inhibits the enzymes responsible for the deterioration of the skin's structural proteins, protecting and repairing its barrier function, providing it with a protective shield against external stressors. Optimal hydration is achieved and the skin's micro-relief is renewed and refined by stimulating cell regeneration, thickening the dermis and thereby preventing it from relaxing or sagging.

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Facial masks line

Treatment masks developed for specific skin types and conditions. They remove impurities and prepare the skin for better penetration of active ingredients. Regular use returns the skin to a revitalised, toned and hydrated appearance. For all skin types according to treatment and condition.



Essential products to combine in facial and body treatments.

For all skin types according to the treatment need.




Facial concentrates line

Facial treatment concentrates. Different options to choice. For all skin types

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Energizing treatment. Protection, freshness and comfort

Ultra-energizing treatment with ginseng and ginger specifically designed for men. Restores energy drained by day to day activities, visibly eliminates the signs of fatigue and stress and protects the skin from premature aging and damage caused by UV radiation, giving an immediate sensation of freshness and well-being. PARABEN FREE

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