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The MPR Toroidal RF System provides a natural method to fight aging in addition to offering an effective way to reduce dimples based on a toroidal distribution of radiofrequency. This unique concept allows to achieve an even transmission of the energy and quickly reach the therapeutic temperature. Moreover, it will allow to effectively control that temperature during the treatment.

Technical Specifications

Voltage: 120 / 230 V

Frequency: 60 / 50 Hz

Intensity: 1 A

Safety level (with grounding): 1

Outlet in contact with the client: BF Type

Operating Mode: Continuous

Output: 45 W

Tolerance/ Precision of the displayed information: 15 %

Rated load: 500 ohms

Rated output frequency: 1 MHz

Maximum output voltage: 106 Vrms

Protection fuse: T1.5AL. 250 V

Dimensions Width: 114 cm 45 po

Height: 50 cm (20 po)

Depth: 47 cm 18,5 po

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