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Microblading Technician


Microblading is one of the fastest-growing cosmetic procedures, which involves depositing pigment into the skin by fine strokes with a precise blade to mimic natural brow hair growth. This cosmetic procedure gives clients evenly-shaped and defined brows that last anywhere from one to three years. This course will provide students with the opportunity to learn about the foundation and theory behind semi-permanent makeup, our microblading technique, the tools and materials used, procedure safety and sanitization and more.


Our instructor gives you personalized attention and assistance throughout the course, creating a supportive and comprehensive learning environment for you. We offer to our students a 100% hands-on experience, and we aim to provide adequate time for students to review and absorb the material at a pace that is comfortable for them. Class sizes are kept to a minimum to ensure that each student receives the necessary individual attention from the instructor.

  • 15 hours of extensive training, theory & practical

  • Training materials (booklet) provided

  • 1 microblading kit including pigment, microblading pen, microneedles, stencil, practice skin & more

  • Access to client consultation/consent forms

  • Access to ongoing instructor support

  • CAMACS accredited Microblading Technician certificate


Applicants are not required to have previous experience in the aesthetics field to enroll in this course. The ideal candidate will have a strong interest in the cosmetics industry, a patient mind, steady hands and reliable eyesight by way of corrective lenses if necessary.. 

Students accepted into the program are asked to dress appropriately and professionally, preferably in black attire.  


Students are required to complete three (3) models outside of class, within six (6) weeks of successfully completing the Microblading Technician course.



There is course registration fee of $300 CAD, which is due at the time of application to secure enrolment. This fee is mandatory.

Course tuition costs $2,300 CAD, and is due one week prior to course start date, at the latest. This tuition includes your microblading kit valued at over $600.

Please note that all course tuitions are subject to all applicable taxes.

Financing available!

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For a generalized list of subject matter taught in the course, please see the list below.


  • Skin anatomy

  • Brow mapping; facial symmetry

  • Colour theory


  • Blades theory

  • Safety & sanitization/sterilization

  • Pigment education


  • Brow measuring

  • Angle techniques

  • Brow manipulation

  • Blade pressure

  • Practical application


  • Allergy precaution; patch testing

  • Consultations & contraindications

  • Operating procedures

  • Pre- and post- microblading treatment

  • Touch-ups


Q: Where do Microblading Technicians work?

A: Certified technicians work in an array of professional cosmetic settings that include but are not limited to: beauty spas/salons, brow artistry salons, tattoo parlors, etc. Some technicians choose to work on a contract basis, but most choose to start their own business and build a large clientele.

Q: How much does the course cost? Do you offer financing?

A: Please contact us for this information! We aim to provide our courses at a competitive rate and as such we are not able to offer financing to students at this time.

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