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Intense Pulsed Light/Laser Technician Course

2 weeks Online + 20 hours in class, this course is an intensive program that provides students with training in both basic and advanced non-invasive and non-surgical cosmetic and aesthetic theory and practical techniques. This program covers health and safety practices, professionalism in the workplace, client consultation skills, and more.


Practical hours are unlimited at selected campus locations!


We offer our students a 100% hands-on experience, and we aim to provide adequate time for students to review and absorb the material at a pace that is comfortable for them. Class sizes are kept to a minimum to ensure that each student receives the necessary individual attention from the instructor.

  • 20 hours of extensive practical training

  • Online Training materials (booklet) provided

  • CAMACS accredited IPL/Laser Technology certificate


It is recommended that individuals applying to register for the IPL/Laser Technician course have at least 6 months experience in the aesthetics field; however, it is not mandatory. Should spot availability become limited within courses, priority will be given to applicants with a professional background in the aesthetics field.

Students accepted into the program are asked to dress appropriately and professionally, preferably in black attire.  


Students are required to bring their own models in order to become fully trained and confident in all practical applications, including procedures and safe techniques.



There is course registration fee of $300 CAD, which is due at the time of application to secure enrolment. This fee is mandatory.

Course tuition costs $2,500 CAD, and is due one week prior to course start date, at the latest.

Please note that all course tuitions are subject to all applicable taxes.

Financing available!


For a generalized list of subject matter taught in the course, please see the list below.


  • Anatomy & physiology of human skin​

  • Basic hair biology and growth cycles

  • Skin type and fluence selection


  • History​

  • Physics

  • Safety

  • Machine parameters (wavelength, pulse duration, spot size, energy settings)

  • Types of lasers (medical & cosmetic)

  • Equipment testing & maintenance


  • Skin pigmentation reduction​

  • Tattoo removal

  • Laser hair removal

  • Scar treatment

  • Skin rejuvenation


  • Laser contraindications

  • Consultations

  • Operating procedures

  • Observation

  • Pre- and post- laser treatment


Q: Where do IPL/Laser Technicians work?

A: Certified technicians work in an array of professional clinic and skincare settings that include but are not limited to: dermatology offices, skincare clinics, laser hair removal clinics, medical spas, plastic surgeon offices, and more. Some technicians choose to work on a contract basis or even better, start their own business. The opportunities are endless!

Q: Do you offer job placements post-graduation?

A: We receive inquiries from clinics, spas, and other beauty establishments across Canada seeking individuals with CAMACS certification in laser technology, and as much as possible we recommend our students and their abilities. While no beauty academy can "guarantee" every student a job post-certification, we do our very best to assist our graduates in their job search and we believe our reputation and advanced training speaks for itself. We strive to support our graduates in their pursuit of a career in aesthetics and will provide the tools and encouragement necessary to succeed.

Q: Do you sell lasers? What brand?

A: Yes! During your training, our instructor will introduce you to cosmetic laser machines and by the end of your certification, you will have the opportunity to discuss purchasing a machine for your business use. As for the brand, we are not a brand-based training facility and do not promote any specific laser machine name brand. Instead, our training prepares you to work on any cosmetic laser that offers the functions needed for laser treatments. 

Q: How much does the course cost? Do you offer financing?

A: Please contact us for this information! We aim to provide our courses at a competitive rate and as such we are not able to offer financing to students at this time.

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