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Provides cutting edge solutions with latest generation actives and high scientific input in R + D + i.

The new integrated brand of Anubis Cosmetics, specialized in the development, manufacture and marketing of a new generation of cosmeceutical treatments. With a range of products of the highest quality which allow to obtain fast and effective results.




Detoxify your skin and protect it daily of pollution

Deep cleansing and proper protection against pollution are essential. It is the first step to keep the skin in an optimal state and prevent premature aging. The URBAN DETOX synergy acts as a protective shield against the harmful effects of pollution.

It doesn’t only protect it but also detoxifies and absorbs impurities embedded in the skin, to be able to eliminate them in the most effective way.

It stands out because it is a line formulated with natural ingredients and active components that protect the skin not only from outside but also from the interior.



The ideal solution to prevent premature aging

The EFFECTIVITY CAVIAR & PEARL line, which is based on a formula made of caviar extracts, pearl powder and effective active ingredients, is the ideal solution for preventing premature aging thanks to the synergy of the TIME PROTECTIVE COMPLEX, acting on different levels and providing a complete response to chronological aging. It nourishes in depth, halts cellular aging and inhibits the enzymes responsible for the deterioration of the skin's structural proteins, protecting and repairing its barrier function, providing it with a protective shield against external stressors. Optimal hydration is achieved and the skin's micro-relief is renewed and refined by stimulating cell regeneration, thickening the dermis and thereby preventing it from relaxing or sagging.

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Facial masks line

Treatment masks developed for specific skin types and conditions. They remove impurities and prepare the skin for better penetration of active ingredients. Regular use returns the skin to a revitalised, toned and hydrated appearance. For all skin types according to treatment and condition.




Essential products to combine in facial and body treatments.

For all skin types according to the treatment need.




Facial concentrates line

Facial treatment concentrates. Different options to choice. For all skin types


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Toning, exfoliation, masks, moisturization and nourishment

The quality of Mediterranean products and their benefits on health, as well as the appeal of delicacy and sophistication in oriental culture, are well-known all over the world. Anubis combines the two concepts in this SPA line in an innovative way, reaching the level of maximum cosmetic quality and customer care in the aplication of oriental techniques and covers all the treatment stages that skin needs: toning, exfoliation, masks, moisturization and nourishment. Mediterranean active ingredients and oriental techniques to immerse yourself in intense pleasure of wellness and serenity.


Algas rojas

Drains, reduces cellulite and fat all over the body

With the ALGAS ROJAS products, visible and lasting results are observed from the very first applications to treat edematous cellulite and/or fat deposits all over the body. The exclusive LIPOLIMIT FACTOR™ complex together with the synergistic action of its main ingredients has a targeted action on fat cells, slowing the rate of lipogenesis and significantly reducing cellulite by inducing the process of lipolysis in the adipocytes. Its lipolytic activity is complemented by drainage, where retained fluids are removed and circulation is boosted and toxins eliminated. It also has a tightening effect, providing essential amino acids that help the skin tissue's complex structure and fibrous network to recover, and helping the skin to maintain and repair its strength and resistance, effectively minimizing the orange peel-like effect.



Reduces localized fat, firms and shapes the silhouette

Anubis offers two products that boost penetration of the active ingredients and improve the performance of anti-cellulite and volume reduction treatments.



Firms and nourishes the skin

The products of the B&FIRM ACTIVE+ line have a powerful firming action while also moisturizing and nourishing the skin. The main ingredients that compose the exclusive LIFT SI-MATRIX complex work synergistically to stimulate collagen production, creating structural bonds between the skin's cells and ensure the mineralization of the skin tissue to reinforce its suppleness and firmness. The firming action is complemented with healing properties that increase tissue scaffolds, turgor and moisture, with anti-oxidant properties, to protect the skin from oxidative stress and even reverse some of its effects on aged skin, and with phlebotonic activity, strengthening capillaries and improving blood microcirculation.

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