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20 hours

About the Course


This course will provide students with extensive training in the Art of Full body waxing ( hard and soft wax) including theory and practical techniques. Our instructors give students personalized attention to create a supportive and comprehensive learning environment. We offer our students a 100% hands-on experience in a judgement free zone. Our goal is to provide adequate time for students to learn and absorb course material at a pace that is comfortable for them. Classes are in a hybrid format (online + in-person) and the size of the classes are kept to a minimum to ensure that each student receives the necessary individual attention from the instructor. This program is CAMACS accredited and training modules are provided as well as a basic course kit.

Course tuition is due one week prior to course start date, at the latest. Please note that all course fees are subject to all applicable taxes. Financing available!









Course Dates

June 06, 2023 - June 07, 2023

Aug. 29, 2023 - Aug. 30, 2023

Oct. 17, 2023 - Oct. 18, 2023

Course Intake



You should have candidates in mind for modelling purposes. If you don't have any candidates to model, please let us know ASAP and we will assist you in making the necessary arrangements.

Model requirements

Course Outline

  • History of waxing

  • Benefits of waxing

  • Soft wax

  • Hard wax

  • Before and after care

  • Everyone gets stuck! / improper techniques

  • Marketing, clientelling & client waivers

  • Bloodborne pathogen (BBP)

  • Sterilization practices / infection control

  • Skin & hair anatomy

  • Skin disorders and diseases

Course Add-ons

  • Glam elite sugar kit - $297.99

  • Brazilian - $269.00 (1-4 hrs extra)

  • Manzilian - $350.00 (1-4 hrs extra)

Your Instructor

Kayla Krause

Kayla Krause

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