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The esthetics field is one that is continuously developing and improving as we try to adapt to an overabundance of different factors affecting our bodies – namely, our skin. New and existing skincare products are being developed and marketed to the public with the promise of combatting the effects of environmental pollution, sun damage, or even hormonal imbalances that appear on our skin. These effects manifest in many ways but the most commonly reported skin conditions identified by clients are hyper-pigmentation of the skin and acne.

In our industry, we rely on products in combination with aesthetic treatments and services to offer our clients the best results by improving skin conditions and reversing the effects of external factors. But how much do we really know about the science behind skincare? Are we educating and arming ourselves and our clients with the knowledge necessary to achieve long-term, improved results?

As the regional head office for the Canadian Association of Medical Spas & Aesthetic Surgeons (CAMACS) Inc. for Saskatchewan and Manitoba, we take pride in spreading awareness in topics such as skin analysis, skin disorders, and how to achieve proper skin diagnosis to equip estheticians with the cosmetic knowledge necessary to treat their clients effectively.


S E M I N A R S   C O N T E N T

Our Advanced Skincare Seminar studies the various factors that ultimately affect or encourage physiological ageing which may lead to manifestations of conditions like acne and skin spots (hyper-pigmentation). Our Advanced Skincare Expert will explore factors such as DNA oxidation, UV ray damage, natural collagen production cycles, hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies and more, and how best to approach these issues, combining natural approaches with aesthetic intervention. 

Register today and join us for a morning of sharing expertise, networking and discussing these prevalent skin conditions in detail with other esthetic professionals.

This seminar is offered to cosmetic professionals including licensed estheticians and/or spa and beauty clinic owners free of charge; however, a non-refundable deposit of $25.00 is required as a registration fee. Please reserve your seat in advance.


Dates to be announced


Dates to be announced

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